ArtHEALs for Warriors

(Healthy Empowerment through Arts Learning) is a program developed by The Center for Contemporary Arts, and funded by the United Way of Abilene to offer warriors an opportunity for self-expression and healing.  This program fosters trust between participants, thereby increasing their trust and confidence in themselves and others, as well as increase each warrior’s (and their family’s) scope of social networks.

Warriors often struggle with feelings of anxiety and depression due to horrific experiences in their military service.  To help warriors express and cope with emotions and build resiliency, The Center for Contemporary Arts offers arts and music therapy,


ArtHEALs uses creative methods to help veterans and active-duty personnel, both individually and as a group, address social, behavioral and emotional issues, thus helping them make sense of how they fit into their world.  Therapeutic activities include artistic expression through closed eye drawing to music, movement, creating simple clay figures.


Funding from the United Way of Abilene makes it possible for us to offer this program to groups at no charge.


For more information contact Manny De Los Santos   325.677.8389

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