Taking Flight

Exhibit Statement


Taking Flight is my way of expressing movement and motion, both physically and emotionally through art. For me personally, it's about letting go of limitations that keep me grounded, limitations that keep me from being who I believe I'm called to be as a person and as an artist. It's about soaring above self-negativity and doubt and entering a space of creative release and learning to explore freedoms through paint, canvas and brush. It is about embracing the ebb and flow of the more abstract and the emotional and spiritual transformations that happen in the creative process.


With this show, I want to challenge myself to journey out of my comfort zone and share my work with the public on a larger scale. I hope to inspire those who see my art to have courage to Take Flight in their own unique and inspiring way.

Woman in Blue
Size: 48"x 30" Price: $425
Ruthie Swedlund
The Warm-Up
Acrylic, & Spray Paint
Size: 30"x 30" Price: $385
Ruthie Swedlund
Size: 48"x 30" Price: $425
Ruthie Swedlund
Ashes to Hope 1
Size: 16"x 40" Price: NFS
When faced with overwhelming doubt, I dreamt of hope rising out of the ashes of failure. I focused on lyrics in a song "Out of the ashes, hope will arise"
- Ruthie Swedlund
Size: 48"x 60" Price: $625
Ruthie Swedlund
Ashes to Hope 2
Size: 16"x 40" Price:$225
My second setting with this imagery, I was overcome with the words "just keep trying".

I pondered what it feels like to just lay everything down and rise in the freedom I have to be who I am created to be. - Ruthie Swedlund
Freedom is a Dancer
Size: 36"x 48" Price: $525
Ruthie Swedlund
Just let Go (Study #2)
Size: 48"x 30" Price: $385
Self-limitation for me is a way to stay in my confort zone. I’ve learned over and over and over that good things happen when I "Just Let Go" and press into that area that might be a bit uncomfortable.
-Ruthie Swedlund
Woman in Freedom
Size: 36"x 48" Price: NFS
Woman of Freedom depicts who I strive to be today. She dances with confidence in her world, embracing her imperfections and moves in boldness to her future.

-Ruthie Swedlund
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Ruthie Swedlund

Artist Bio

As a native Texan, Ruthie Swedlund has called Abilene home for the past 27 years. A graduate of Abilene Christian University with a degree in Interior Design, Ruthie spent the last 20 plus years focusing her energies on motherhood, dance fitness and personal training.


However, two years ago, she relaunched her energies into creating art. Through her works, she shares her visions of faith, hope, joy, sorrow, and lament. Her hope is that each creation inspires and encourages those who encounter it. 


Art is one way that people share their common and unique human experiences. It has an amazing potential to produce both a cognitive and visceral experience for both the creator and observer. It generates energy and contributes to life in a way that can be simultaneously

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