Exhibit Statement

For over two decades, Clint Hamilton contributed to an environment of artistic consciousness and appreciation within The Center for Contemporary Arts. This raised awareness of the arts, Clint’s legacy that continues to attract talent from Abilene and the surrounding area. He demonstrated that art can bring joy to everyone through his work ethic and his forward-thinking and generous approach to contemporary art. Due to his efforts, The Center has become a valuable community resource, providing Abilene with an accessible and enriching arts environment while continuing Clint’s vision of a nurturing creative process.

This exhibit brings together the community of Abilene with Center artist members past and present by showcasing Clint’s works from local collections alongside art created to honor and capture the late artist’s essence. Join us in “Remembering Clint” - please write your Clint Hamilton quotes or anecdotes, and tell us how he and his art have inspired you.


Clint Hamilton

With 2019 being its 30 th Anniversary year, The Center for Contemporary Arts remembers Clint Hamilton, a founding member of the Artists League of Texas, the artist collective that was the catalyst for the creation of The Center for Contemporary Arts. From Abilene originally, Hamilton made a name for himself in New York when artists such as Andy Warhol were just breaking into the art scene. Eventually
returning to Abilene, Hamilton was a major part of the growing contemporary art scene in Abilene. We are here because of him today.