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Anthony Huff

About the Artist

My work consists of assemblage, collage, oil sticks, and layers and layers of papers among other things. My pieces may be built out of wood that I shape and form with saws, grinders and sanders or they may be on a tarp. I travel all over the country and see lots of different people and places…what a show! The subject matter may be personal, humorous, ambiguous, unexpected, etc. I leave it to the viewer to decide.

Artist Statement

I have been working as an artist for the past 30 years. My work has evolved into painting, collage, mixed media works. I use just about anything in my work…. magazines, books, text, joss paper, oil bars and found objects that have been hanging around my studio for years. I use all of the above and more to develop the surface. Layering paper, paint, objects to achieve a surface that is interesting. I’ve always been drawn to this: noticing years of layered paint on old hand rails on subway platforms, layered paint on doors, and windows of older homes-love that kind of surface. They’re will be a chipped piece and you can see little lines of color from each succeeding layer of paint that’s been applied over the years. I just like things that have lived a little and have the scars to show for it. My work is rough, crude, sometimes offensive and very outside the mainstream. My work will probably never be seen in a Holiday Inn hotel lobby.

Most of my work starts out on recycled objects, either old furniture, my older work that doesn’t cut the mustard anymore, or old wood. I’ve always got old chairs etc. outside letting them weather just to see what will happen.

As a piece develops and starts to come together (layering the surface) the content of the piece forms. I’ll use this visual stimulus to direct elements using photos, words, and color to sharpen the focus of the piece. Sometimes I’ll have a very distinct idea where I want a piece to go and other times not. The piece itself will dictate where we go with it, but I’m not going to make it easy for the viewer. What may be obvious in content may not be what the piece is about. I try to make the experience interesting and sometimes entertaining. I use a lot of humor in my work- some obvious, other times not, depending on how well you know me.

I’ll comment on my life, politics, religion, and current affairs, really anything that seems to be going on in the world that I need to work out. I work in series or suites, until that vein plays out, then on to something else; life evolves. Making art is my therapy. I hope to be doing it till the day I drop dead.

Thank you for your time.

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