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Taking Flight is my way of expressing movement and motion, both physically and emotionally through art. For me personally, it's about letting go of limitations that keep me grounded, limitations that keep me from being who I believe I'm called to be as a person and as an artist. It's about soaring above self-negativity and doubt and entering a space of creative release and learning to explore freedoms through paint, canvas and brush. It is about embracing the ebb and flow of the more abstract and the emotional and spiritual transformations that happen in the creative process.


With this show, I want to challenge myself to journey out of my comfort zone and share my work with the public on a larger scale. I hope to inspire those who see my art to have courage to Take Flight in their own unique and inspiring way.

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Manny De Los Santos

Artist Bio

Manny is a traditional and digital artist with a passion for drawing and painting. With a goal of sharing life experiences as illustrated works. Manny grew up in Abilene graduating from Abilene High School in 2002. Shortly after graduating, he shipped to Recruit Training in San Diego to train and become a United State Marine. After 12 years of honorable service in many countries, in combat and humanitarian missions, Manny returned to Abilene to begin his formal undergraduate education. Manny graduated with Honors from Texas State Technical College with an Associates Degree in Digital Art, and soon started attending McMurry University in pursuit of his Bachelors of Fine Arts.
Manny was accepted as an Emerging Artist Member at the Center for Contemporary Arts in September of 2015. Manny volunteered as a featured caricature artist for the CALF festival. In 2017 Manny became an Art Reach Instructor teaching and facilitating the Dirty Drawers figure drawing classes at the Center as well as teaching a basic elements of art class at the Taylor County jail. Manny has since become the Curator of Education at the Center. Taking charge of ArtWalk, ArtReach, ArtFilms, and CALF planning.
“I believe art is a basic human coping mechanism. It is an innate ability we all posses. Sadly, at some point we suppress the urge to create art, but we all remember coloring or drawing stick figures with a stick in the dirt. I have a drive to help uncover that urge in all artists of all ages and spread the love of appreciating and creating art in all kinds of mediums. Art therapy is for everyone.” Manny enjoys all types of music and art forms, and a huge appreciation for the modern “Low Brow” art movement, as well as a deep affinity for the traditional master’s work of the renaissance. Manny considers himself a modern renaissance man.
“I love art and music, but those are only a few of my loves and talents. I am a mechanic, a scholar, a martial artist. I love learning about everything. I can thank my mom for nurturing my curiosity and encouraging me to learn about everything that piqued my interest.”

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