..a Reflection of who I have become..

Exhibit Statement

I find comfort getting lost within a blank canvas. Until the first paint is applied, I am captive to my most vulnerable feelings. I know what needs to be painted but I also know that any beginning intuition or idea will be suffocated by over whelming thoughts. For me, allowing the unknown to become present is the first step in my creative journey.

..they are silenty becoming extinct..
Wire Sculpture
Size: 48"x 37"x 23" Price: $1500
-Anthony Fuentez
..Self Portrait: My journey has lead me to this moment..
Size: 16"x 20" Price: $200
-Anthony Fuentez
..the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet..
Acrylic/Oil Pastels
Size: 36"x 48" Price: $500
-Anthony Fuentez
..mother and child..
Size: 48"x 48" Price: $600
-Anthony Fuentez
..she dreams of what will become..
Acrylic/Oil Pastels
Size: 60"x 41" Price: $700
-Anthony Fuentez
..i love who I have become and where I am heading..
Acrylic/Oil Pastels
Size: 24"x 36" Price: $300
-Anthony Fuentez
..scared of what he may find..
Acrylic/Oil Pastels
Size: 22"x 48" Price: $175- SOLD
-Anthony Fuentez
..my humble ascension..
Acrylic/Oil Pastels
Size: 24"x 36" Price: $300-SOLD
-Anthony Fuentez
..the gyspy and her dance..
Wire Sculpture/Rustic Metal
Size:42"x 20"x 16" Price: $800
-Anthony Fuentez
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Anthony Fuentez

Artist Bio

Anthony grew up overseas and moved to the State at the age of eleven where he now lives and works in Abilene, Texas. The allure of storytelling began at a young age. As a child his interest in fables primed his future artistic endeavors and inspired his interest in painting.

While attending the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque he understood his calling to Art. " Emotion are very diverse in expression and I want to tell a story through painting where the viewer can relate and recall a similar experience." In his spare time when Fuentez is not drawn inside his studio, he finds his motivation through writing poetry. His latest body of work, A Reflection of Who I Have Become, Conveys his feelings through a poetic narrative. His work has been represented in New York, Ohio, New Mexico and Los Angeles galleries as well as public and private collections both domestic and international. 

" At first glance Fuentez's works might remind us of a longing and grieving but, rich in metaphor, his stories are deep and transcend the initial darkness. Like bright burst of colors: beauty and love reside and prevail. Fuentez reminds us that one can stumble on his path to ascension, but never give up hope."-Melissa Morgan, Artist

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